Devi and Jilan – Engagement Shoot

What I really enjoy most about engagement sessions is the time I can spend getting to know the couple before their wedding celebrations. I’m able to get a feel for their personality and they can get to know me and see how I work. Come the wedding day they are totally relaxed and at ease in front of the lens. Devi and Jilan are one of the most amazing couples I have photographed. Very funny and open to ideas. A perfect combination for an engagement session. I’m looking forward to document their wedding occasions later in the year, but for now here are a few images from their pre-wedding engagement session.


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  1. Devi & Jilan


    Great pictures just wanted to say they look brilliant and all the nerves we had on the day were put to rest, you were a great and your amazing creative is reflected in the stunning pictures. During the whole process your enthusiasm has been a great source of comfort, and also making sure that we were comfortable with everything.

    We cant wait for you to photograph all our other events!!

    Thanks again for everything! xxx



  3. Vishal Bharadia

    Beautiful, elegant, rich, full of life and colour. A joy to look at the photos to see real emotion captured in time.

  4. roshni patel

    Congrats guys!

  5. Jacek Radunc

    last photo is amazing ! like “monsoon wedding”
    I’m your fan Apresh

  6. San

    Love love love apresh. Great shots. Never fails to impress

  7. a.K. Sandhu

    Simplistically Stunning!

  8. Shelly

    Yummy!!! LOVING the new pictures Ap especially the last one: HOT! Love the creative angles for all them! Keep em coming Ap! :-)

  9. Rina

    Jilan and Devi these shots are so lovely. I am so happy for you both, this shows true love.xxxx

  10. Sameer Soorma

    Your work is amazing Apresh! You have a unique and artistic touch to the way you shoot!

  11. AliphAurMeem

    Love the pictures under the waterfall…the detail of water on the skin and sharpness of the picture is amazing

  12. Mindy Sehmbi

    Stunning images once again – beautifully captured. LOVE the last one.

  13. Wani

    U r a rockstar! The last shot is sublime!!!

  14. Sanjay

    These look great Apresh – a very fun shoot!!! I’m especially loving the last shot!

  15. Amar

    Beautiful set of images Apresh, just love the way you have captured the couple having fun, last shot… nice!

  16. Adam

    Stunning set of images Abz, loving them.

  17. Konrad Zagloba

    Really great shots. I like the pinch of humour in it

  18. Sunny

    The master “rains” supreme! Another blog, another knockout set of images. We’re going to have to change your first name to Awesome!

  19. Vijay

    SUPER, SMASHING GREAT. WOW wow and wow. Great set, but the last one has just smashed it. YOu are the man.

  20. Vikesh Patel

    WOW!! Incredible shots that epitomise love!

  21. Manee Authi

    Beautiful images AC. Getting an insight into the couple from your images – perfect. Love the rocking shot!

  22. Sher

    Awesome Aps. Once again the master has delivered another work of art. i love the last shot, it ‘flows’ creativity!!! Another example of creative photography.. Sher

  23. Dhiren

    Congratulations Devi and Jilan on your engagement!

    A beautiful set once again Apresh! Devi and Jilan look completely relaxed, and you’ve captured their day in a stunning way…love it!

  24. Helena&Magdalena

    Dear Mr Chavda! What a beautiful Visual Storyteller you are. I love the way you capture :: ASTHETICS :: , your images are almost captured like a Human Camera. Simplicity and Blissful. I wonder where you get the Inspiration from. Hope one day I get to capture the images with you side by side and learn the art of creativity :)

  25. Amrit

    Just wanted to say masterpiece of photography and creativity.

  26. Sam

    Great and Lovely shoot.