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About Apresh Chavda
Award-winning Asian Wedding Photographer

About me

I don't take the usual wedding photos. My business is capturing emotional moments that will be shared for generations. When the decorations are taken down, the food is eaten, the mehndi has faded, and the honeymoon over: what's left? Anxious months of planning for that single day have ended in just memories. I record those memories for you to share with your children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!

Every wedding is a fantastic occasion. Whether it's the colour and vitality of a traditional Asian wedding, the cool serenity of a church ceremony, or anything in between: they all have more in common than just celebrations. Amid the joy and excitement, there are small moments of tears, a reassuring hand-squeeze or fleeting glance, a second of nerves. Those are just as much part of the day as the moment of marriage itself. My years of experience as a wedding photographer have taught me how to anticipate those moments, and how to capture them unobtrusively to add a layer of emotional richness to the visual memories of your wedding.

To achieve this depth of connection, we need to trust each other.Trust is key to capturing the characters and emotions that make my work stand out and have won me many awards. So I start long before the day: getting to know you and understanding what is important to you and your families.I like to tell your story: what led up to this day, the love you share, the culture and history that make each of you unique. So I won't just be a photographer who just turns up on the morning – by the time of the wedding itself, we'll know each other quite well.

I have been an Indian wedding photographer in London for more than 12 years. This means that I understand the different types of ceremonies, and what will happen at each point. So you don't need to worry – I know where I need to be to get the very best photographs of the most important moments – you can trust me to be where it matters.

In addition, I've seen what works (and what doesn't), so I can share this experience with you. I can put you in touch with some of the best professional Asian wedding suppliers in the UK - DJ's, hairdressers, caterers, and so on, whom I know provide a top quality service.

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and my work has won many awards, which of course is gratifying; but it's the response of my couples that is the best reward:

So, if you want more than just photos of your wedding; if you feel a connection to what I've said and to the pictures in my portfolio - then I think we could be right for each other. Why not get in touch? I'm looking forward to meeting you.

About You – Selective, adventurous, connoisseurs

My couples are special people. You're successful in life and you've worked hard to become so. You want your wedding to be remembered for generations. Your plans for the day may include ideas that are just dreams for now. Within the photographs at least, I can make them come true. Years of experience as an Asian wedding photographer have given me a unique perspective on how to turn dreams into reality.

At our first meeting, you'll be eager to tell me about your plans for your wedding celebrations, and I'll do a lot of listening. As well as listening to your words, I'll also be listening to your personalities and be starting to build an understanding of the unique characters I'll show in the final images. Over the coming months, we will learn to trust each other so that on the day, you can be relaxed and confident that your photographer really understands what you need.

Trust is the most important part of our working relationship, it makes it possible for me to capture the intimate, emotional moments that will make your wedding photographs stand out and be remembered by everyone.,

That's why I say my clients are special people. You are not afraid to take a bold step and invest in a different type of wedding photographer, trusting me to create the perfect memories of your wedding day. I care about the result as much as you do, and neither of us will be happy with anything less than perfection.

Every wedding is a glorious celebration, and the emotional and financial outlay is not a small one. This investment in the start of your life together deserves the very best visual document to treasure for ever afterwards.

If you are looking for a different way to remember your wedding, and if you can connect to what you have seen in my portfolio of award winning wedding photographs,then please get in touch. I'd love to get to know you.