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My couples are special people. You're successful in life and you've worked hard to become so. You want your wedding to be remembered for generations. Your plans for the day may include ideas that are just dreams for now. Within the photographs at least, I can make them come true. Years of experience as an Asian wedding photographer have given me a unique perspective on how to turn dreams into reality.

“The man who makes everything possible and does not have 'no' in his vocabulary!"
Harshika Sankla.

At our first meeting, you'll be eager to tell me about your plans for your wedding celebrations, and I'll do a lot of listening. As well as listening to your words, however, I'll also be listening to your personalities and be starting to build an understanding of the unique characters I'll show in the final images. Over the coming months, we will learn to trust each other so that on the day, you can be relaxed and confident that your photographer really understands what you need.

Trust is the most important part of our working relationship, it makes it possible for me to capture the intimate, emotional moments that will make your wedding photographs stand out and be remembered by everyone.,

“You have an instinct, an ability to capture something at exactly the right moment, even if the moment is gone in a blink of an eye. You re-create the day through your photos, telling the story together with the emotions."
Lena and Ritesh Thakar.

That's why I say my clients are special people. You are not afraid to take a bold step and invest in a different type of wedding photographer, trusting me to create the perfect memories of your wedding day. I care about the result as much as you do, and neither of us will be happy with anything less than perfection.

“I can't believe that's us! You don't just take a photograph, Apresh, you make it!"
Jaima Soneji.
““WOW, where do we start? From the moment we first came and saw you we knew we would be lucky to have you cover our wedding."
Gurpal and Jaspreet Chagger.
“You ensured our day was really special – you became like family over the course of our wedding planning and helped us so much . . . it really was the best day of our lives and we are so glad that you were there to share it with us."
Darshita Govind.

Every wedding is a glorious celebration, and the emotional and financial outlay is not a small one. This investment in the start of your life together deserves the very best visual document to treasure for ever afterwards.

“The best thing I ever did was move my wedding dates to just to get you on board."
Nimz Patel.

If you are looking for a different way to remember your wedding, and if you can connect to what you have seen in my portfolio of award winning wedding photographs,then please get in touch. I'd love to get to know you.